Refurbishing and rebuilding of drill & rout machines

Posalux Multifor 21-4 rebuild, changed spindles to Precise SC63L and controller to Sieb & Meyer 35.00

Lenz TB 500/1 before and after refurbishing

Loading and packing of refurbished machines

Loading of a Klingelnberg Mic 10-5 by crane / Packing a machine for sea-freight

Changing of complete controllers & spindles

Posalux Multifor changed to Sieb & Meyer CNC 35.00 and Precise spindles SC36L

Repairing of motors and spindles

Selling and repairing of CNC controllers & frequency converters

Boards available for CNC Sieb & Meyer 25, 35, 44, 45, Posalux CNC 2000 and Mania X10

Selling and repairing of scanning heads and scales

Different heads and scales on stock