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Multifor 14-4 #2
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Multifor 14-4 #2

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Type Multifor 14-4
Year 1989
Controller CNC 2000
Stations 4
Application Driller /Router

HF 80  (Westwind 320/24), Air Bearing

Spindle Speed 20.000 - 80.000 rpm
Tools p. Station 154 (in Cassette)
Clamping System Soft Tools
Pin Diameter Soft Tools
Working Area all Spindles (X,Y;mm) 358x650
Working Area 1 Spindles (X,Y;mm) -
Working Area 2 Spindles (X,Y;mm)
Dimensions (W,D,H;mm) 2700x1800x1700 + CNC cabinet
Weight ca 5800 kg
Power consumption 3x 400V, 3Ph, 50/60Hz,  12KVA

  • DNC-software and hardware on request
  • Good working condition, refurbishing on request
  • Installation and training on request